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Wisconsin Dells Golf Courses & Mini Golf Courses Listing

Wisconsin Dells Fun....

Wisconsin dells Golf courses for Golf enthusiasts and Mini Golf courses for tourists, kids and fun. Golfing in Wisconsin Dells provides some of the best scenery and well kept courses around. Below is a listing of golf courses throughout the Wisconsin Dells and Lake delton area. Wisconsin Dells Golfing resorts are listed below as well as stand alone courses.

Wisconsin Dells Golf courses and surrounding area golf courses

  • Christmas Mountain Village: Golf Course‎
  • Coldwater Canyon Golf Course‎
  • Spring Brook Golf Course-par 36 9 hole
  • Wild Rock Golf Club-full coarse
  • Woods Family Course -9 hole
  • Trappers Turn Golf Club‎
  • Fairfield Hills Golf Course & Range
  • Spring Brook Golf Course‎
  • Spring Brook Golf Resort‎
  • Wild Rock Golf Club‎
  • Wilderness Woods Golf Course - Wilderness Woods‎
  • Wilderness Hotel & Golf Club‎
  • Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort‎ map

Mini Golf Courses

  • Old River Mini Golf
  • Pirate's Cove Mini Golf
  • Cold Water Canyon Golf Course at Chula Vista Resort
  • Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf
  • Shipwreck Lagoon Adventure Golf & Batting Cages
  • Timber Falls Adventure Park