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Wisconsin Dells Fishing: Where to Fish and take the Kids Fishing

Wisconsin Dells Fun....

Are you looking for a place to take the Kids fishing in the Wisconsin Dells?

1) Wisconsin River Fishing

The Wisconsin Dells has the Wisconsin River running right through it making it a great way to enjoy the scenery and enjoy a great fishing trip without having to travel far away. There are several outfits that rent boats and equipment if needed.

2) River going out of Lake Delton for fishing

There is also a small river that comes out of Lake Delton that is small and narrow but offers some great fishing, canoeing, relaxation and great scenery too.

3) Paid Fishing outfits-if your looking for some quick action and fishing for the kids

  • Beaver Springs Fishing Park
  • B & H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop

Among the many local places to fish in the Wisconsin Dells there are many small lakes and good fishing hotspots around the dells area.