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Circus World Museum and Historical Society Circus -WI

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About this Wisconsin Dells Museum Attraction: 

Circus world museum is one of the great family attractions in the Wisconsin Dells! The Circus world offers a 1/2 day of fun filled shows and entertainment for the kids and family. Just take a look at the daily schedule below. One thing to remember is to time this attraction right so you can see all the shows and everything the World Circus Museum has to offer. If you do not you are missing out! I got here late when I went to the Circus and missed half of the shows!

  • 9:30 – Clown Make-up
  • 10:00 – Interactive kids world circus
  • 10:30 – Tiger adventure
  • 11:15 – Classic American Circus
  • 12:00 – lunch and animal rides
  • 1:15 – Ring of illusions Magic show
  • 2:00 – Wagon Collection Guided Tour or interactive kids world circus for those who missed the morning session.
  • 2:45 – Tiger adventure
  • 3:30 – Classic American Circus
  • 4:30 – Animal rides resume
  • 5:00 – Ring of illusions Magic show

Some other special events held here and put on by the

  • Wisconsin Historical Society are
  • Circus of Chefs is the annual gala fundraiser for Circus World
  • Model-A Exposition at Circus World
  • Magnificent Motor Car Exhibition
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

The museum is Located 10 minutes from the Wisconsin Dells, more if you are coming from within the Dells. Plan on more time to get there!

Plan the timing and arrival to see the shows and exhibits!! Price is reasonable for adults ($15.00), children 5-11 ($8), under 5 is (free).

Museums & Historic Reviews: 

World Circus Museum Reviews:The World Circus Museum is definitely worth the cost as your kids will love it! The circus shows are really great, fun and entertaining for the whole family. Some of the outdoor exhibits could really use a new paint job, this was my first impression when I pulled up to it which given that it is an historic museum I think it’s acceptable.